7 Review Request Templates to Text for Customer Feedback

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One advantage of using text to stay in touch with customers is the opportunity to increase your number of customer reviews. SMS subscribers are already more engaged with your business, but you still need the right approach to get a response to your review request text.

These SMS templates for businesses show a range of practical methods to request feedback via text that you can try:

1. Follow up After a Recent Purchase

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank you for your recent purchase of [Item/Service]! We’d love to hear about your experience with us; you can leave us a review at [Link].

Follow up with a review request when the experience of doing business with you is still fresh in a customer’s memory. This is a great way to get their detailed impressions while they are excited about their new purchase. As a result, they may be less likely to write a review later when that feeling has faded. Up to 80% of online reviews originate from follow-up messages after a purchase.

It is also a good idea to offer support for their new purchase at the same time. Then, suppose the customer has any issues or queries. In that case, you can resolve them and improve the chances of their review by mentioning your excellent customer service.

2. Ask New Users for First Impressions

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank You for deciding to use our business! As a new customer, it would be great to hear about your first impressions. So please leave us a review at [Link].

First-time customers can be an ideal opportunity to learn about your business’ first impression of new customers. In addition, the new user experience is also something potential customers will consider when they look through your customer reviews.

3. Reach Out to Long-Term Customers

Hello [Customer Name],

You will have been using our service for X years! Therefore, we would be very grateful if you would share your experience at [Link].

Long-term customers have a lot to share about how they use your business and how it has benefitted them. In addition, reviews from these loyal customers can be beneficial to potential new users. This is because they can assure that potential customers will still be happy with your business further down the line.

4. Announce Upcoming Update

Hi [Customer Name],

To prepare for our next update to [Service], we are asking our customer’s expectations about the new version. Please leave your ideas at [Link].

You are more likely to get a response to your review request text if you explain why you are asking for it. For example, to generate SMS feedback, to inform the design of a new update, or draw attention to your business in the run-up to an update or announcement.

5. Ask Specific Questions

Hi [Customer Name],

We hope you are enjoying your new [Item]! We would love to hear about your experience to improve our services at [Link].

Positive reviews are always great, but reviews that focus on specific benefits and features are even more helpful to your business and potential customers. Your review request text can help guide their review to provide more constructive information. Ask the questions that potential buyers will want answers to.

As they look through your customer reviews, a potential customer will consider the specific use cases they need a solution for and the features that support those. As a result, reviews that focus on features a customer uses and why they find it useful can give those potential buyers more confidence that your solution is what they need.

6. Respond to Social Media Mentions

Hi [Customer Name],

We saw your positive comments about our [Product/Service/Feature] on [Social Media Site]. Thank You for mentioning us! We would really appreciate you leaving a review at [Link].

Is a customer talking about you on social media? Texting to ask if they will share their thoughts in a review can help increase your review response rates. Someone who is already saying positive things about you online is more likely to spend a bit of their time leaving a review for your business.

It is simple enough to keep track of when people mention your business on social media, and reaching out via SMS can feel more personal than responding to a comment.

7. Respond to Their Review

Hi [Customer Name],

Thank You for taking the time to review [Business Name]! Your feedback helps us improve the services we provide.

89% of consumers will read your response to a review. If you go silent after a customer writes a review, it can seem unappreciative.

Taking the time to thank them via text and respond to their review online shows your gratitude and increases the chance that they will bother to answer the next time you ask. Making a habit of replying to every review also gives you another chance to resolve any issues amicably and turn a negative review into a positive one.

Texting Is a Vital Feedback Channel

SMS is a quick and convenient way to gather feedback for both businesses and their customers. However, the right approach to requesting a review via text can significantly affect your response rates.

Use these samples to inspire your own review request templates to boost your online reviews.

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