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STEP 1: Book A Meeting

Please schedule a free consultation call to discuss your needs before making a purchse.

What can be done in 1 hour of focused SEO and marketing work? A lot! Each organization has its own distinct requirements, with different clients, competitors, and goals. If your goal is to rank highly for many different keywords against competition with resources and time, you’ll need to spend more time on SEO than a website that needs to rank locally. Book a meeting with me for an assessment of your SEO needs. Menu of SEO services! If your needs require more than one hour, please purchase the amount of hours specified to complete the SEO work.
  • SEO Setup (10 – 40 hours)
    • Reconfigure and/or optimize the site
    • Structure and update sitemap
    • Provide intuitive navigation
    • Implement proper title and meta tags throughout
    • Check for and fix 404 errors or bad code
    • Improve site speed
    • Improve security
  • SEO Ongoing Optimization (3 – 12 hours/week)
    • Fix crawl errors
    • Fix duplicate descriptions
    • Update sitemap
    • Optimize server, webpages and digital assets
  • Content Development and Review (1 – 50 hours/week)
  • Local Optimization and Peripheral Strategies (1 – 15 hours/week)
  • Measurement and Analysis (1 – 5 hours/week)
  • Media optimization and Improvement (1 – 20 hours/week)